2016 Hall of Fame

Photo by Rick Ta

La Petite Mort – Miss Burlesque Ireland 2016

La Petite Mort is a pint-sized bundle of sparks otherwise known as Ireland’s queen of the chrome pole, Arlene Caffrey; her favourite things are impossibly high heels, splits and being upside down. When she’s not ruining childhoods with her hilariously disturbing ‘Bad Bosco’ act, she is known for her magical twirly legs and signature style which combines gravity defying antics with more body rolls, high kicks, splits, stocking peels and upside-down spreadies than you can shake a stick at! She will stun you with her vivacity, blind you with her flexibility and after all she wows you with you will still be left begging for more! You’ll be seeing splits for days…

Santina Spitfire – Miss Burlesque Dublin 2016

 Santina Spitfire is an internationally published pin-up model and an advocate for body positivity,  she has been a breath of fresh air during her guest spots on the panel of TV3’s “Midday”. She is a multiple title holder, Miss Pin Up Milan, Miss Burlesque Dublin 2016   & The Tea Time Tassel Off Style Icon Award winner . She has performed  at The Dublin, London & Toronto Burlesque festivals. She is also the creator & producer of The Honey Drops,

Bonnie Boux – Miss Burlesque Showgirl 2016

Bewitching Beauty Bonnie Boux exploded onto the burlesque scene in 2016, snatching hearts with her intoxicating mix of mesmerizing belly dancing, authentic classic burlesque style and hip-hop vibes fused with a comedic flare that is second to none. The stage is simply her home, the audience’s energy exchange is her oxygen and the adrenaline feeds her weird wired soul. Winner of The Legend in the making 2017 and Miss Burlesque Ireland showgirl of the year 2016 Bonnie is set to take the world by storm.